Meetings and Special Events Archive
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Monthly Meetings 2015
        January 7   Secrets to Healthy, Beautiful Trees with Marcel Beauchamp
                handout on 'Pruning Trees'
        February 5   Garden Pests and Diseases with Diane McClymont Peace
                'presentation slides'
                handout on 'Carpenter Bees'
        March 5   The Selection and Care of Perennials with Robert Wolodarski
        April 1  Growing Roses with André Poliquin
                handout on 'Information on Roses by André Poliquin'
        May 6  Amazing Annuals with Mary Ann Van Berlo
        June 3  What's New at the Garden Centre with Cindy Cluett
        September 2  Hydrangea and Flowering Shrubs with Suzanne Patry
        October 7  Growing Healthy Hostas with Ann Frederking
        November 4  Flower Arranging for the Holiday with Michelle VandenBosch
2015 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 23, 2015
        Members' Gardens Tour - June 20, 2015
        Field Trip to TBD  - July 25, 2015
        Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner - Dec 2, 2015

Monthly Meetings 2014
        January 9   My Big Fat Garden Reno with Rebecca Last
        February 6   Gardening with Childen with Judith Cox
        March 6   Pondless Water Features with Benjamin Stapper
                 handout on 'Water Features'
        April 2  Questions and Answers with Ed Lawrence
        May 7  Big, Bold and Beautiful with Nancy MacDonald
                 handout on 'Big, Bold and Beautiful Plants'
        June 4  Dazzling Daylilies with Kelly Noel
        September 3  You're Not Done Yet! with Mary Shearman Reid
        October 1  Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden with Marilyn Light
        November 5  Arranging Garden Flowers with Diana Carr
2014 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 25, 2014
        Ottawa's Official Garden Day - June 13, 2014
        Members' Gardens Tour - June 21, 2014
        Field Trip to Maitland Garden of Hope and Old Augusta - July 19, 2014
        Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner - Dec 3, 2014

Monthly Meetings 2013
        January 3   Orchids with Douglas Vye
        February 7   Lawn Maintenance with Neill Ritchie
        March 7   Fruit Trees and Shrubs for Cold Climates  with Doug King
                Doug King's handout on 'Fruit Trees'
        April 3  A Naturialist Garden with Jeff Skevington
                Jeff Skevington's handout of 'Native Plants'
        May 1  Vegetable Gardens: What to Grow in Ottawa with Amber Payne
        June 5  A Low Maintenance Gardensn with Mary Reid
        September 4  Ornamental Grasses with Edythe Falconer
        October 2  Seasonal Planters with Joanne Plumber
        November 6  Composting and Soil Conditioning with Marcel Beauchamp

2013 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 25, 2013
        Members' Gardens Tour - June 22, 2013
        Field Trip to Montreal Botanic Gardens - June 15, 2013
        Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner - Dec 4, 2013

Monthly Meetings 2012
        January 5   Shrubs in the Garden: Diversity and Drama
with Dave Dunn and Rob Caron
        February 3   Birds and Bird Feeders with Jim Tutton
        March 3   Trees for Your Garden  with Crispin Wood
        April 4  2012's Best New Perennials with Richard Aubert
        May 2   Creating Your Spring and Summer Planters with Catherine Disley
        June 6   Culinary Herbs and Their Uses with George and Gerry
        September 5  Irises with Sandy Ives
        October 3 The Monarch Butterfly: a Phenomenon of Nature
                        with Jean Lauriault 
        November 3   Seasonal Planters with Catherine Disley

2012 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 26, 2012
        Members' Gardens Tour - June 23, 2012
        Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner - Dec 5, 2012

Monthly Meetings 2011
        January 6   Growing Vegetables from Seed with guest speaker, Bill Bitz
        February 3   Questions and Answers with Joan and Peter Knippel
        March 3   Landscape Design Starting from Scratch with Marianne Schmitz
        April 6   Magnolias, Japanese Maples and Rare Trees for Eastern Ontario
                         with Richard Aubert
        May 4   Roses of the Central Experimental Farm with Edythe Falconer
                Edythe Falconer's list of 'Pests and Diseases of Roses'
        June 1   Vines and Climbers with Mary Reid
        September 7   Planting Bulbs for Spring and Storing Tubers Over Winter
                        with Neill Ritchie
        October 5   Preparing Your Gardens for Winter with Lindley McPhail
        November 2   Renovating Gardens with Mary Reid
        December 7   Annual Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

2011 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 28, 2011
Field Trip to Central Experimental Farm Rose Gardens - June 11, 2011 
                Edythe Falconer's list of 'Pests and Diseases of Roses'
        Members' Gardens Tour - June 25, 2011

Monthly Meetings 2010

        January 6   Vermicomposting with guest speaker, Andrew Aitkin
        February 4   (no meeting)
        March 4   Japanese Flower Arranging with guest speaker, Wendy Batson,
                         Ohara School of Ikebana
        April 7   Edible Weeds with guest speaker, Bob Stanley
        May 5   Growing and Using Gourds with guest speaker, Claudette Hart
        June 2   Wild Flowers with guest speaker, Phillip Fry
        September 1   Presentation on Longwood Gardens with guest speaker,
                        Pauline Myre
        October 6   Bird Feeder Wreaths with guest speaker, Sue Hiltz
        November 3   Rock Gardens with guest speaker, Judy Wall,
                        Rockwall Gardens
        December 1   Annual Christmas Pot-luck Dinner

2010 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 29, 2010
Neighbourhood Gardens Walk - June 19, 2010
        Summer Field Trip and Picnic - July 17, 2010

2009 Special Events
        Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 23, 2009
Members' Gardens Tour - June 20, 2009