The Greely Gardeners Group was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing 'Friendship in Gardening'. Members of the GGG are your neighbours. We have two things in common:  we live in Greely and surrounding villages, and we love to garden.

        We have a wide range of backgrounds, ages and experience. Some GGG members are expert gardeners, others are beginners. We learn from each other by sharing experiences, and sometimes sharing seeds and plants.

        At our monthly meetings there is a visual presentation by an invited speaker which may include a hands-on demonstration of gardening techniques.  There is always an opportunity to share information and ideas, and to ask questions. Many of the topics for the monthly meetings are suggested by our members.

        In addition to ten monthly meetings (there are no formal meetings in July or August), the GGG conducts an Annual Spring Plant Sale. Each summer, we organize a tour of several members' gardens and a field trip to garden destinations in the region. Occasionally, we conduct hands-on workshops.  Members receive a monthly electronic newsletter.

        The GGG members actively maintain the flower gardens at the Greely Community Centre and the Greely Library.
About the Greely Gardeners Group
GGG Executive Committee
Executive Officers:
   President -
Helen Porteous        613-821-3685
   Vice-President -
Pat Shapiro
   Treasurer -
Andrew Christie 
   Secretary -
Nicole Tomkins
   Speaker Coordinator -        
Elaine Routledge 
        (Assisted by Dianne Salt)

   Past President -
Lee Nickerson  
        Leslie Boomer  
        Joan Clow

        Josephine Shourie  
Gifts Coordinator:
        Phyllis Nickerson  
E-Newsletter Editor:
Website Maintenance:
Gary Hall