SPECIAL NOTICE -- January Monthly Meeting
Upcoming Events --  2020

All scheduled events for 2020 have been CANCELLED
because of the COVID-19 situation.

Upcoming Events --  2021 (to be confirmed)

Wednesday, January 6 - 2019 Chelsea Flower Show
        Guest speaker: Heather Clemenson, Master Gardener
Wednesday, February 3 - Terrariums:  Self-Sustaining Tabletop Ecosystems
        Guest speaker: Emma Terrell, The Urban Botanist
Wednesday, March 3 - Colour Through the Seasons
        Guest speaker: Rob Stuart, Master Gardener
* denotes a special event for members and guest(s) only

Events from Previous Years --
        Review the meetings, events and activities from previous years.

>>>Wednesday, May 1- Gardening for the Bees
        Guest speaker: Julianne Labreche, Master Gardener
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As a result of restrictions on the size of indoor gatherings,
January monthly meeting will be a 'virtual meeting'
with Heather Clemenson presenting the "2019 Chelsea Flower Show".

The GGG will be conducting a training session on the use of Zoom software for virtual meetings. This session will be scheduled for late-November or early-December and members who have shown interest in particiatng will be contacted. If you have questions about the training, please send us an e-mail by clicking on the post-box to the left.  

Revisions to the our plans may be made as the situation evolves. Thank you for staying home.
Be safe.
For additional information, contact
Helen at 613-821-3685.
Other Recent News and Related Information
Hello GGG Members -

Given that the current COVID-19 situation makes it impossible for the GGG to connduct monthly meetings until October (at the earliest), we would like to remind members that the fall is the time for our Annual General Meeting and the election of new Executive Officers for the coming year.

Several of the current Executive Officers have been serving the GGG for several years and it is desirable to change the make-up of the Executive Committee on a regular basis. Therefore, we invite each of you to consider putting your name forward to serve on the Committee in one of the Executive Officer positions. Some existing Executive Officers will continue to serve on the Committee so plenty of knowledge and support will be there to assist new Executive Officers.

Below is a summary of the functions of each Executive Officer position. Should you be interested in serving the GGG as an Executive Officer or have questions about these positions, please contact Helen Porteous at 613-821-3685 or Lee Nickerson at 613-594-0214.

Summary of the Functions of the Executive Officers

-        prepare the agendas for Executive Committee and monthly meetings;  
-        preside over all Executive Committee and monthly meetings;
-        decide all questions of order and advance the interests of the group;
-        be a member of all committees; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

-        perform all of the duties of the President in his/her absence; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

-        exercise the care and custody of all funds;
-        pay out and dispose of the funds under the direction of the Executive Committee;
-        keep records of account and present these to the Executive Committee;
-        prepare Annual Financial Report prior to the January meeting; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

-        record all proceedings and attendance;
-        prepare correspondence for the Executive Committee;
-        prepare minutes of Executive Committee meetings;
-        be responsible for the records;
-        keep current membership list; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

Speaker Coordinator:
-        oversee the coordination of speakers for the monthly meetings; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

Past President:
-        Chair the Nominating Committee;
-        assist the President; and
-        exercise other powers and duties assigned by the Executive Committee.
All of the Greely Gardeners Group monthly meetings are open to both members (membership cost is $15.00 a year) and non-members. There is a $3 admission fee for non-members at the monthly meetings; coffee, tea and 'treats' are served to all after the meetings.

The Annual Spring Plant Sale is open to the general public, while other special events are restricted to members and their guests.

The monthly meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Greely Community Centre,
located at 1448 Meadow Drive in Greely.